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Executive Assistant to CEO, PR/SMM manager.

  • 1. Experience in PR / SMM;
  • 2. Experience in re/writing blog posts people love to read, mostly in IT fields (to drive more traffic to our future website)
  • 3. Fluent French
  • 4. Japanese &/or Chinese
  • 5. Fluent English
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Middle Front-end Developer (PHP/HTML/CSS/JS)

  • CSS/HTML/js; sass/scss; twitter bootstrap/scss frameworks via bourbon neat; gulp for compile scss, js; build html, images; autoprefixer; browsersync; etc; adaptive design; js/jquery; twig; git.
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AKAI Digital Agency 赤井デジタルエージェンシー。

  • AKAI Digital Marketing Agency: all about Big Data Analytics, R&D, Business Intelligence, Promo Video Production, AdTech, Web and App Development, Creative Design & Animation. A.K.A.I. - Analytics as a Key to Artificial Intelligence.
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